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Dilapidation of a poor design, Involuntary decline.
Manufactured for the useless ones, Infested devices
Masterful deception upon the population
Treasonous behaviour, to the vulnerable
Opinions crammed down your throat, Incontestable dogma
Misled by your origins, Misdirected into fallacies
Misguided convictions imbedded, Misinterpreting instructions

Pass out from the stench of disarray, and the common sense bleeding out of your brain
More morals than logic now, dictating your time.
Forge connected conclusions, mislead by your past
Enculturated into complete idiocy.
Pass out from the stench of disarray, and the common sense bleeding out of your brain
No morals or logic now, dictating your life.

Decided by a composite device, defining all the facets of reality.
Eventually, amassed influences, on every situation
will breach upon all the weak cognitive processes,
Destroying the trace remains of possible freethought.

This fear instilled inside the naive faithful masses
The pride and resulting blind obedience
Bringing down a reign of stupidity
Of silence and mediocrity
Oppression and extradition of our intelligence
Ignoring intuition required for all existence
Into disrepute and freedom destitute
Civilization's structures fall to the ground
We decided
War with ourselves, an elitist colony, backwards, failing, always.
The sensation of humanity, the elusive opportunity.
Encroaching into all your thought processes
Infestation of your cognition

All in confidence, a network of power shows true supremacy
Their counsel will suffice to the guarded and protected
Sheltered from almost everything, required to mask intelligence
This world exists and it's had enough.


from Disrepair, released October 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Sensory Amusia Perth, Australia

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