by Sensory Amusia

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released October 22, 2013

Music and lyrics by Sensory Amusia
Additional vocals on Activation Synthesis by Cain Cressall



all rights reserved


Sensory Amusia Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Activation Synthesis
Activation Synthesis
Rotting, ripping it apart, tear the fabric of sanity.
Lacerate, the strings of confidence withering inside.
Breeding, malice and hate; a new internal enemy.
Desecrate given stability. Malevolent minds.

Formed complicated terminating fabrication,
In the protoconsciousness, activated distress
Within the confines of a memory
Burned, solitary terrorizing imagery
In the protoconsciouness, activated illness
Within the confines of experience

Process Ordering Failure, Weak, unstable mind
Cortex, Defective Contents, Full control deprived
Ordering the fractured content residing inside
Ordering the fractured secrecy

Complex, Conception, Fractured, weak unstable mind
Doctrine, fragmented, remains, lingering behind.
Ordering the fractured content residing inside
Ordering the fractured secrecies

Fearfulness in waking life is drawn from the incidences of death
Experienced in the soulless nights.
I haven't been awake in a long, long time.
Track Name: A Reinterpretation
A Reinterpretation
Witness a resurrection of distant worlds turned away by hindering guilt
The past shapes, the present, and the present will shape the future.
Cut their armour. Cut down their fucking armour.
Blades will replace the fist.
War torn angelic sunshine, let it rain down on them.
The way the luminous blue white clouds, forming up the sky
War torn angelic sunshine, let it rain down on them.
Quivering with dread but the mind is on the prize
Mother war, it's all for her.
I'm in it for the bloodshed not for the one who yields our crest on her ivory chest.

She doesn't want this, but she’ll bleed for this
A bleaker future without her love
Another fight once they've realized my defiance
I’m alive but I’m dead inside
Songbirds chorused the forest, slowly glowing orange
(with) the setting sun, our past shapes the present
(which) shapes the future, a reinterpretation of this resurrection of a distant world
I’m alive but I’m dead inside, behold
a phantom and rose (will) play its tune to my disappearance.
Life remains unborn.
Slowly glowing orange with the setting sun so luminous.
Songbirds chorused the forest, and I’m alive.
Track Name: Reprogrammed
It is the black earth that made you this way.
This is the knowledge that tears you apart, tonight.
Conjured the decrepit thoughts of a desolate oblivion.
A space feeding on your mind.

Empty, reprogramming, redefining the boundaries of
unconscious collective, innate, inherited shapes.
Human kind's natural mental forms obliterated.
Drained away, stripped back to the void.

Rescind the basic thoughts, remove incomplex cognitions
Set back to a blank space. Vacuous, sterilized mind.
Human kind's natural mental forms obliterated.
Wipe away, recapitulate.

Recycle, reuse the parts.
Preparation ensues for all.
Track Name: Debridement

Sun in my eyes burns through me.
The causticity of this venom takes me to anathema.
Pumping through our veins - xenobiotic substance
Passing over conscious processes

I long for clearness, I long to shake the disease
Triggering all this affliction.
Esoteric, esoteric suffering masses

Our knowledge of life is death, persistent,
Persistent fear, persistent fear, irrational?
Our knowledge of life is death, irrational?
Persistent fear, persistent fear, irrational?

Excess exudates, the pain is spread, throughout the
tissue, developed necrosis

Under anesthetic, lack of sensation, limp and numb
Vision blurring, operating lights searing through retinas,
Immobility spreading
A contusion, a laceration turned necrotic,
Loss of consciousness, you wake to see, all removed from surgery.
This torture, from sickness, from this disease.

Scalpel guided one handed, the tools sterilized profusely,
Let us expose you to your, debauched, refreshed reality

So perpetually fucked up from the retrospective of a broken mind.
It is my mistake this time.
Our knowledge of life is death, all in due time
my conclusion, this heart is beating just fine.
Track Name: Auditory Cortex
Auditory Cortex

Auditory sensations changing the perception of tonality.
Who can understand the senses? Tone deaf and so misunderstood.
Remembering a song , in their mind they cannot perceive.
Medial, prefrontal cortex, developmental difference.
Another way for these eyes to find a way to read the tone from your face.
How are you meant to feel when you can’t really hear the complex tone of the voice?
Loss of awareness but aware to the difference, that aids the inhibition of negative emotion.
The constant sound of the drummer, that sound alone, (should know the)
Reflections of one’s emotions, all need this gift to be heard.
Memory distinctively triggered by the pasts soundtrack, (how will it ever) be understood
how music works in the brain to improve your mentality, the ability to be heard.
No more depression when there’s music to be heard.
I’m at a loss on this section, I can’t stand this gift.
Loss of emotion, tonality is pending.
I’m at a loss on this section I can’t stand this gift .
The symphony, an orchestra playing the same note
shall be perceived differently, the same note.
Activated by the tones, the frequencies of the resonant sounds.
Neurobiological framework from which to understand a tone,
(the brain) comes alive with the sound of music.
Track Name: Disrepair

Dilapidation of a poor design, Involuntary decline.
Manufactured for the useless ones, Infested devices
Masterful deception upon the population
Treasonous behaviour, to the vulnerable
Opinions crammed down your throat, Incontestable dogma
Misled by your origins, Misdirected into fallacies
Misguided convictions imbedded, Misinterpreting instructions

Pass out from the stench of disarray, and the common sense bleeding out of your brain
More morals than logic now, dictating your time.
Forge connected conclusions, mislead by your past
Enculturated into complete idiocy.
Pass out from the stench of disarray, and the common sense bleeding out of your brain
No morals or logic now, dictating your life.

Decided by a composite device, defining all the facets of reality.
Eventually, amassed influences, on every situation
will breach upon all the weak cognitive processes,
Destroying the trace remains of possible freethought.

This fear instilled inside the naive faithful masses
The pride and resulting blind obedience
Bringing down a reign of stupidity
Of silence and mediocrity
Oppression and extradition of our intelligence
Ignoring intuition required for all existence
Into disrepute and freedom destitute
Civilization's structures fall to the ground
We decided
War with ourselves, an elitist colony, backwards, failing, always.
The sensation of humanity, the elusive opportunity.
Encroaching into all your thought processes
Infestation of your cognition

All in confidence, a network of power shows true supremacy
Their counsel will suffice to the guarded and protected
Sheltered from almost everything, required to mask intelligence
This world exists and it's had enough.
Track Name: Hybridization Complex
Hybridization Complex

Taken from the pools of the already ill-defined original information.
Bound together, creation of an ideal neoteric subdivision.
Formation of a conception, to yourself a solution.
To a problem of ignorant and abandoned minds.
Synthesis of an, ideology, a new normal.
Construction from a mind so desolate.
This wanted 'irregular sound', they bled it dry.
An intellectual content is absent, they bled it dry.
An unforgiveable crime upon the crown you're so desperately clinging to.
Infecting your own world.
Instigating a new thing to hate,
Pitiful and conscious 'creating',
Of a sick excuse for a life.
A sound worth punishing.

Originality is forever fleeting.
Existentially terrifying.
For this to succeed;
Something no-one needs.
Absent, violent, reoccurring system failure.
Another franchise is spreading ,
Syndicated from above.
Redundant audible forms you release.
Getting by on a flawed device,
For profit and gain alone.
Synthetic and lifeless,
Abhorrent and atrocious.
Track Name: North Carelle
North Carelle
With the constant refrain, with a voice like the endless relentless.
A man’s fate is his own and broken words form his loyalty.
Without a constant stem of will, with this thought of this endless existence.
A man's fate is his own and broken words form disloyalty.
Endless decent, until this sky will cry.
Is this why he’s ceased to grow?
Endless decent, until this sky will grow.
Strike it down, stand alone,
fucking right, another discord in the soundtrack that is his life.
Let it rewind and play it over again.
He'll never see an end to his night
Smiling, is he smiling? Why?
(for) Another broken sky, another replacement for
Those trees that are becoming roads.
These thoughts running through this tale of desperation.
Tainted beyond redemption,
Apathetic, lethargic.
His stem of will,
His stem of will, will prevail.
Nearing the end, two words, obsession and overcome .
Another thought of disgust,
He’s overwhelmed.
Another thought of disgust
Prepare yourself.
Realizing, that we always were;
Completely nothing in this life always
Running, running, running,
Leaving a trail of despair.
Completely nothing in this life always
Running, running, running,
Leaving a world of despair.
Doing something you don’t want just for
Money, money, money,
It makes the world go around.
With his head stuck in his hands always
Running, running, running,
Got him to where he is today.
Track Name: Introspection

Examine every situation interrogate every thought.
Asses your own epistemology, the fragile nature of your mind.
From blissful ignorance to intentional avoidance, assembling for your-self.
Twisted Reconciliation and manufacturing of lies. (Defining image and persona)
A corrupt mental combination, a metaphysical thought.
Systemic cognizance collapses, everything resting inside.
Mental deficiencies in complex operations assembled by your mind.
Twisted cerebral infestation and manufacturing of lies. (Articulating your emotions)

Poisonous and propagandic, corrupted innocence
Regurgitated from a memory.
Dreams of redemption, Extensions of aspirations.

Disproportionate views on all the people you rely on.
Inaccurate communication Erroneous perception.
An orgy of decadence,
and superfluous cogitations.
By releasing the pain
We can be seen by each other.
Accumulate the observations,
Identify the common failure,
Stretch your mind until exhaustion,
Wipe it clean and release.

Poisonous and propagandic
Vomitous, nauseating desires.